When you speak Japanese bravely!you can conquer all the difficulties!

it happend all the time!
When you speak Japanese bravely!
you can conquer all the difficulties!
When you speak Japanese bravely, Do not second guess yourself on tones, or any other aspect of the language. Just let the words and phrases you have heard and practiced flow out, mistakes and all. Every time you use the language you are practicing and getting used to it,maybe you can not find any big results from it immediately, but you should continue testing it to see what happens.i ever tried speaking it out loudly many times, and it does feel like you are learning something when you do it,and i suppose speaking accents is not so important,forming the speaking habit and then something we do all the day already is speaking our native language,so why not try to speak Japanese every day?If you enjoy interacting in Japanese, if you enjoy getting in the flow, singing to the rhythm, then your Japanese will continue to improve. 
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