keep practicing Japanese everyday!

enjoy the atmosphere! keep practicing Japanese everyday!
shadowing is really important,you may even want to record yourself to compare. If you can get “infected” with the rhythm of the language, not only will your control of tones improve, but your choice of words will also become more native like,then you will find there are so many material about  Japanese shadowing practice,in fact, there is a tremendous array of listening and shadowing material available for download on all possible subjects, or you can buy CDs if you are in Japan. In our modern world, all the material you find on the Internet, or material you may find in CDs, can be converted into downloadable audio files which you can have with you wherever you go on an MP3 player or a smart phone. Constant listening, even for short periods of five or 10 minutes while you are waiting somewhere, can dramatically increase the time available for learning any language, including Japanese.then your Japanese shadowing abbility will be getting better gradually.
Let's Practice Japanese right now