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The Power of Rejection and our attitude is really important when you need time to learn Japanese

Hey bro!can you do me a favor?
I am kind of busy!
can you solve this problem for me?

Sure!no problem!
I will handle it right now.

the power of rejection and our attitude

Maybe this situation is really normal for our daily life,although there are piles of work waiting for us to do,we still easily say ‘NO Problem’ to others.but we already form a habit doing it every day.
Always saying YES will not gonna make your life happier

after reading this article,maybe Next time when you have to reply others,you will try to make a different decision,before answering,maybe just hold on a minute and try to think about what is the best answer to yourself ,rather than considering others all the time.

Not rejecting may affect our health

Lots of people are afraid to say NO to others.that is okay,because we always think that if we turn our friends down,and then our friends will leave a truely bad impression on us definitely.
In our thoughs,we assume that if we said NO to them, They will not like us anymore.and this thing terribly makes us other words,if you always say YES to everything,then it means that you give more time to others than to yourself.

The truth is Not rejecting may affect our health ,and no one will remember what we have done or devoted if we say YES everytime.everyone will take it for granted finally.

in my opinion

Anyway,based on my experience,I just came up some questions to my mind,maybe these three questions can reveal who you are and why you always say YES.

If you have time to think about it,you can ask yourself which one matches your situation.

Question 1:

Are you the person good at saying NO to others?

Question 2:

How confident do you feel on a day-to-day basis?

Question 3:

Are you the person who is always thinking too much?

There are a lot of reasons why we always say YES.Maybe our confidence is not enough for us,lack of courage to say our opinion out loudly.we always refuse to be different, and we just wanna follow stick to the majority.

To maintain our mind to be optimal energy levels.we should learn to reject others politely.

In fact,Our body and our mind are designed to be happy. During the whole day, we need to be exposed our mood to be satisfied by ourselves firstly,not others.

learn to say NO

First of all,if we must say YES to all our friends all the time,that is because we stongly lack insecure. Therefore, helping others will make us feel needed ,and then we can prove our value.
So,when we say NO to others on occassionally,we will feel guilty and helpless,That is why in many cases fear overpowers us, and we feel that we should drink a black coffee to be able to getting everything done and feeling better.

From our heart,we always wanna be superheroes,we just want to prove that we are superheroes who can achieve everything and save this terrible world.

Life is really hard

To sum up,you are the main actor or actress in your life. why not just focus on yourself firstly!
You don’t have to be too worried to that if you will leave a bad impression on anyone,because no one is taking that NO so serious everytime.

Therefore,You still have the power to decide what to do on the next time,and you can still say YES to prove and to win friends’ trust.but remember saying NO more often,so that you can earn more time for yourself to understand yourself more,and more power to control your own life.

On the contrary.Let’s spend more time on yourself.Take this additional time to learn something new,or try to start a new adventure is also a good thing.However,Just try to give yourself some space to care about yourself,not the guys who ruin your happy life!

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